DIY Decorative Light Bulb Ornaments

light buble

light buble

Every time a light bulb goes off in our house, another one turns on; the creative light bulb, that is! Re-use your burnt out light bulbs to creative some wonderfully festive and decorative ornaments!

1. Hearts in a Bowl

Hearts in a Bowl

Love powers all! Showcase it by following this tutorial.

2. Glitter Light Bulbs

Glitter Light Bulbs

No one would be able to tell that these are upcycled light bulbs! Learn how to make these here.

3. Snowmen Light Bulbs

Snowmen Light Bulbs

Decorate your tree with these cute and glittering ornaments this year! Here’s the tutorial.

4. Decorative Pears

Decorative Pears

Make these as a center piece to a fabulous family dinner during the winter! The tutorial can be found here.

5. Snowman Light Bulbs II

Snowman Light Bulbs II

Like your snowmen without the glitter? Here’s an awesome tutorial!


Gallery of DIY Decorative Light Bulb Ornaments

November 26, 2013

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